Fantastic Grazing Boxes

This year we have created these fantastic grazing boxes, they can be ordered throughout December if you are holding a party or having family or friends round but we feel they are perfect for Christmas Eve and we are also going to take special orders this year for New Years Eve.

We are in the middle of putting together a sweet graze box which I will release later in the week but for now these are our ploughman’s grazing box and festive afternoon tea grazing box.

These are designed for 4 people and are £39.96 with a special price of £95 for 10 people, perfect if you are having the family or friends round to celebrate or for an office party, you can have them made for however many people you need it for though, we do smaller ones too.

If you want to order these for during December please message, those wanting them for Xmas Eve and New Years Eve the order forms will be ready hopefully at the end of the week!!

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